Writing Week in Review (#1423)

June 6, 2014

The news of the week: one of my stories has been accepted for an anthology! More details as soon as I can share.

The week began with a write-in session I hosted at the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library, the final session in a public series. Attendance grew over the six-month period and I think it was effective in getting new writers started on their projects, or at the very least get them to sit down in front of a blank page to try. It’s always interesting to see how varied the write-in newbies’ reactions are, from the frustration of those giving up after twenty minutes and walking out, to those so focused they’re oblivious to the lights off being turned off at closing time. Those are the writers I want to work next to.

Weekly Tally:

-Finished a full rewrite of Fossil Lake (now 8,500 words) and shared it for online critique;

-Expanded Still Daughter, doubling the word count to 2,000 and shared it with the local Narwhal critique group;

-Critiqued three short stories.


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