WWR#1427 – 2014 Summer Project: The Starting Line

Cluttered EnvAs mentioned last week, my summer project is to finalize and submit as many of my stories as I can for publishing consideration. Before doing the actual count of stories in my pile, I had estimated the number of stories at about a dozen. That number was significant but the plan was to finalize at least ten of those and get them out the door by the end September, which would be a great accomplishment.

The actual count came to an astonishing thirty-four projects, and that’s after discarding—for now—about a half dozen short stories too early in the process to be included in the summer project. Two of those thirty-four stories are novels, which leaves 32 short stories. They are of a variety of genres, including horror, science fiction, action-adventure post-apocalyptic, and a few I can’t even begin to categorize (anyone up for a story about a collection of active brains stored in a fishbowl the size of an Olympic pool during a body shortage?)

In an ideal world, those thirty-two short stories would be submitted by the end of September, which averages out to close to three submissions a week. Considering I’m also working on new stories and will likely lose my mind if I set new work completely aside, I feel like the odds of finalizing all 32 short stories in three months are about as good as me summiting Mount Everest this weekend.

At least I know where I stand and all I can do is pick one and start.

The first story from the summer project pile is Still Daughter, for which I have found a great market. As that anthology’s submission deadline is fast approaching, I’m trying to make good use of the feedback I received to make it all come together within the next few weeks. I’m confident I can get it done by the July 15 deadline (I need to), even if the story essentially needed an entire rewrite when I first dusted it off. I think I have resolved all but one of the major issues and it’s now mostly a matter of fine tuning.

Happy writing!


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