Writing Projects: words, words & more words


Twitter #SeptWritingChallenge Update:

Overall, I am glad I signed up. If I hadn’t stepped up, the Maze idea would still be in a notebook as a future project among a pile of others. Now, it’s actually progressing, and pages are adding up, building into something concrete.

Since Maze is a dark action thriller, scenes are fairly short and action is helping move things along at a clipped pace. In the first few days of participation, I set the personal goal of writing one scene a day, regardless of whether I was spending time working on any other story as well. I’m averaging just below 500 words a day, but it doesn’t include the time I have spent brainstorming and outlining, so including everything I am meeting the challenge, and more.

If I can keep up this pace, a first draft of the novel should be completed in about six months. Only ten days in, it seems a rather big mountain to climb. But I think it’s something that can be done maintaining a slow and steady pace, rather than aiming to write 10,000 word-blocks in a weekend every now and then.

I report on this project daily on Twitter @JennerMichaud (and, interestingly, my number of Twitter followers has increased by a third since I began the challenge on September 1). If you want to join the challenge to meet your own writing goals, find out more at WritingChallenge.org.

Summer Project Update:

The end of September is coming up fast and I am nowhere near where I had hoped to be at this stage. The Twitter challenge has only eaten into my writing time this month but most of the 30+ short stories / works in progress were not even touched over the summer. I did however make a small dent in the pile as some short stories were completed submitted. I have received only one rejection to date, meaning a handful of stories remain under consideration so there is hope yet. The next anthology I have set my sights on (zombies!) has a September 27 deadline, so another short story will be completed and submitted very soon.

Working on WIPs sometimes feels like I am trying to reinvent the wheel by rewriting something I have read so many times. Starting a new project – the Maze novel – has helped get the creative juices flowing again by focusing on something new.

Happy writing.



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