A character name study: Morrow

Morrow-family-crestI am currently listening to an audiobook where one of the characters is named Morrow. He is a secondary character so he is not in that many scenes, but is often referenced by other characters when he is not present.

The name itself sounds good on its own: it’s a reassuring, almost slow motion, purring name. Morrrrrow.

Its written form is a thing of beauty. It’s almost a mirror image of itself, anchored by a double R, padded with Os, and bookended with a flip of the M and W, which give it movement, and makes it look like it could spin like a windmill and fly off into an amber-colored sunset sky.

It’s certainly a romantic view of it, but one must admit its symmetry and movement make “Morrow” look great on the page.

The name comes up fairly often, and my most recent favorite is for the character Clay Morrow, from the tv series Sons of Anarchy.

In the story I am currently “audiobooking”, more often than not, the word preceding the name is “to” – as in “Make sure it gets to Morrow”, and the like.

To-Morrow. ToMorrow. Tomorrow. The sun’ll come out tomorrow / Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow / there’ll be sun… The Annie song is an earworm so distracting I am not even sure what the novel is about anymore.

It is therefore with great sadness that I crossed Morrow off my character names list notebook, banishing it to the depths of a black hole. I never be able to use it, just in case my work is ever is transformed into an audio format.


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