Nose to the Grindstone (writing WIPs, accomplishments & upcoming projects)

Nose to GrindstoneThe weather has been unreliable and temperamental, and it seems tree leaves have been drifting onto the city streets for weeks now. These past few weeks, I’ve also somehow missed any conversation, or even reference, to the official change in seasons and just realized that Summer is officially over.

I did not take any vacation, and the few days I took off work were dedicated writing days so I’m in shock at the realization that an entire season has come and gone when I had not realized it had even arrived. I guess I have to resign myself to looking forward to next summer as this one has zoomed by, and I’ve missed it by spending most of my time hovering over a keyboard.

September Review: As part of the Twitter Writing Challenge, I began a novel (“Maze”) on September 1. In a month, I wrote 12 scenes and logged in over 11,000 words, in addition to many hours of brainstorming that have filled a thick stack of pages in my Maze notebook. To help me track the many short scenes in this dark action-adventure-thriller, I’ve organized an index card system, which will also help me track scenes and balance the two points of view (hero and villain) I’ve settled on for this book. I also spent some time working on short stories (revisions, two submissions) and did some research on markets to help me determine which short stories I will finalize next. This was on top of writing 5 critiques (some 5,000 words) and receiving close to 30 critiques in response to a short story I offered for feedback (Ringleader).

October Plans: It looks even busier than September: keeping up progress and pace on Maze, and submit at least 2 short stories. I will be attending CAN-CON from October 3 to 5, and only have a few hours to figure out how to clone myself so I can attend all of the promising panels and workshops scheduled over the same blocks of time over three days (5 or 6 events are scheduled every hour). I am also considering organizing a prep meeting for NaNoWriMo for the Ottawa Writers’ Circle, a meeting which would have to happen in the next few weeks if there are enough takers.

Happy (continued) writing!



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