About Jenner Michaud

Jenner in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Jenner in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Jenner Michaud is a Canadian speculative fiction writer with an interest in the dark recesses found at the edge of reality. She enjoys weaving stories that push the boundaries of the possible, even when they go bump in the night and keep her up.

An all-around Canadian, Jenner was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario. She spent part of her childhood in a Quebec town bordering Labrador, requiring frequent passage between time zones. Losing and gaining time in 90-minute bursts multiple times a day has helped make her an authority on time travel.

Her short fiction has appeared in several horror anthologies, most recently in “Killing it Softly”, “Largely Deceased” and “Paying the Ferryman”. She is also a contributor to Ephiroll Productions’ Plague series (“Plague: Aftermath” and “Plague: Ruination”), imagining a world devastated by a fictional airborne strain of Ebola. Her short story “Of Holes and Craters” was featured by Digital Fiction Publishing and released with its own cover. (All titles are available from Amazon).

She can be reached at Jenner.Michaud@gmail.com or through Twitter @JennerMichaud.



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